war of 3 kings

The Wolf King of the North.

New allies and new opertunities.

Finally our heroes were able to leave the Great Majin’s place and now were accompanied by Aram. Aram suggested that they go to the north since he was good friends with the king up north. So with no other leads they headed north bowed through the desert.

They were finally able to see an oasis as they walked up to it and saw a man in the water. Thinking he was drowning they pulled him out. And that moment the man was coughing up water but was feeling much better. “Ah thank you… must have passed out.” he said.

“Who are you?” Asked Gidieon. “Ah names Aurgran. Its a pleasure I was heading northbound when I was caught in this heat. Not very pleasant.” he said.

“You can say that again.” Said Gidieon as the others actually went to investigate the water and took a sip. “Wow… this is nice… not so bad.” Said Nocturne.

Just then they were ambushed by cloaked Mauraders. “This just is not my day.” said Aurgran. the others got ready to fight as Aram readied his bow. “Sand people… they attack then collect.”

“Well at least they are to the point.” Said Retsu as they began fighting them off. The battle wasn’t long as everyone defeated them and killed their leader. Once done the remaining scattered. “Well that was fun.” said Aram.

Retsu and Talwin who were in the water started to see they were younger and their wounds were fully healed. “Whoa… this is no ordinary water.” said Ratsu as he was fully healed.

Once everyone rested they continued onward to the North thanks to Aurgan leading the way as well. When they got closer and closer to the north the cold was finally getting to them as they put on some cloats of capes to keep them warm. Fianlly making it to the castle they saw the symobol of a wolverine. Remembering the stories of their time they realized they were in the Northern Kingdom where their king was reveared as a hero as well as one of the founders of Moravia later on.

Everyone went exploring as they saw the town. Stocking up and making sure they were ready for anything. Then they saw some bandits come in dragging some soldiers baring the wolverine sign. “let this be a warning to your king… the iron king will have these lands.” he said as he was about to drag them back but Retsu and Talwin went and cut the lines with either throwing knives or shurken. Retsu as a bit hurt by being trampled on but was able to walk away from it as he narrowed his eyes. “No honor here at all. I really don’t like this time.” he said to himself.



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