war of 3 kings

The Wolf King of the North.
New allies and new opertunities.

Finally our heroes were able to leave the Great Majin’s place and now were accompanied by Aram. Aram suggested that they go to the north since he was good friends with the king up north. So with no other leads they headed north bowed through the desert.

They were finally able to see an oasis as they walked up to it and saw a man in the water. Thinking he was drowning they pulled him out. And that moment the man was coughing up water but was feeling much better. “Ah thank you… must have passed out.” he said.

“Who are you?” Asked Gidieon. “Ah names Aurgran. Its a pleasure I was heading northbound when I was caught in this heat. Not very pleasant.” he said.

“You can say that again.” Said Gidieon as the others actually went to investigate the water and took a sip. “Wow… this is nice… not so bad.” Said Nocturne.

Just then they were ambushed by cloaked Mauraders. “This just is not my day.” said Aurgran. the others got ready to fight as Aram readied his bow. “Sand people… they attack then collect.”

“Well at least they are to the point.” Said Retsu as they began fighting them off. The battle wasn’t long as everyone defeated them and killed their leader. Once done the remaining scattered. “Well that was fun.” said Aram.

Retsu and Talwin who were in the water started to see they were younger and their wounds were fully healed. “Whoa… this is no ordinary water.” said Ratsu as he was fully healed.

Once everyone rested they continued onward to the North thanks to Aurgan leading the way as well. When they got closer and closer to the north the cold was finally getting to them as they put on some cloats of capes to keep them warm. Fianlly making it to the castle they saw the symobol of a wolverine. Remembering the stories of their time they realized they were in the Northern Kingdom where their king was reveared as a hero as well as one of the founders of Moravia later on.

Everyone went exploring as they saw the town. Stocking up and making sure they were ready for anything. Then they saw some bandits come in dragging some soldiers baring the wolverine sign. “let this be a warning to your king… the iron king will have these lands.” he said as he was about to drag them back but Retsu and Talwin went and cut the lines with either throwing knives or shurken. Retsu as a bit hurt by being trampled on but was able to walk away from it as he narrowed his eyes. “No honor here at all. I really don’t like this time.” he said to himself.

Welcome to the Past
Present Day meets the Past Mythology

In the present day where Elidia once stood a new city and the human race was blossoming. In this city a special task force was made to protect crime in this city. They were Secret S.W.A.T, a team that not only handled with massive firing power but also they were comprised of the best groups of their trade.

Talwin, Michelle, Steven “Nocturne” Barner, Retsu, and lead by Gideon Reid this team has seen more then most see in their life times. There current assignment was they were to protect 3 relics in a museum as they got the information by a letter saying he would steal them. Not taking any chances their Commander issued the order to get there and take their positions.

When they got there and were guarding the 3 relics those relics were 3 shields known as the 3 Dwarven King Shields. The group waited and just like clock work the thieves came by by helicopter and through the walls as they were all surrounded. The Thief Leader finally having all captured and rounded up explained that their Commander was also a traitor because he wanted what he wanted the power to change the world. Everyone looked at this man like any sane man would, like he was totally Insane.

The Leader of these thieves just smiled as he said that they would understand in due time. He then went to the shields and began a chant as more of his followers accompanied him. Soon he spoke and said, “I want to rule the World.” and in a blinding flash of light a portal or vortex opened and he walked on through.

Everyone was baffled as they knew that what this man was spatting was no lies. And they all knew they would have to get through because if they didn’t they would be in a different timeline and therefor may not exist. So they all jumped into action as everyone but Michelle was able to defeat each of the guards holding them. The last guard ran for his life as the others started to run to the vortex as quickly as possible. Once through they were in the vortex they were burring up inside until finally it subsided and they were in a dessert land. No longer in their time what so ever.

Everyone checked to make sure they weren’t harmed in any way as they saw Talwin carrying his guns and such. Everyone else gasped as they then knew that having his weapons could disrupt the timeline if his weapons were ever taken or he would kill someone with them. They all jumped him taking away his guns and destorying them as he was screaming at them but he he soon lost as they destoryed them and burried them in the sand. He was irrate but they all explained to him that if he used them he would disrupt the timeline either by having him born a woman or not born at all. Talwin was still angry as he folded his arms as they all shook their heads. Also they were taking off their equipment since the hot sun would probably kill them. Tossing them away to be burried by the sands.

They soon saw a caravan walking by as they waved to them, in hopes they were not bandits and also they would not survive in the desert if they knew where to go. They saw the people native to the lands with cloth and wrappings, similar to the Arabs. They stopped seeing the group and held them as their ruler came out to greet them from his personal chariot.

Upon arrival they spoke in a very strange language as the others didn’t know what to make of it. However they soon saw a very large man come out as he looked at the others. “Well we never have strangers in these parts. And who might you be?” he asked.

“Um, its very difficult to explain sir. We are not from here.” Said Retsu with a slight bow. “Trying to cover up our identities doesn’t really help Rett. Just tell him the truth!” said Talwin. “Will you please. I’m not trying to get us killed, unlike someone else in our group!” Yelled Retsu as soon an argument broke out. The big fat king sighed and snapped his fingers as Talwin and Retsu were then restrained and tied. “See what you did?” Yelled Talwin. “ME! You started it!” Yelled Retsu back as soon both had knifes to their throats. “Shutting up now.” Said Retsu swallowing.

Giddeon was able to appease the king and learned the name of the king was the Great Majin. The all marched there Michelled trying to calm down the two tied up started to change as she went to her knees and started to feel pain. They saw soon her transforming into something animalistic. Transforming into what appeared to be a cat or more acturate a tiger person. The Great Majin saw this and smiled and asked to free the gril and have her join him. Enjoying the site and said she had been blessed by the gods to become something more extravagent.

Gideon and Nocturne were lead by the Great Majin to his location while Hoiya was taken to a herim to be pampered. While Talwin, and Retsu were taking to the games. Once in the dungeon Retsu huffed as he looked around. “No way to escape… isn’t this nice.” he said. “Seems like he found new blood.” said a prisoner as Retsu looked to the one.

“Clearly you are not from around here… welcome to the first level of hell.” he said. “Names Aram. Nice to meet the new blood.” Aram said. Retsu looked around as he saw the other prisoners not wanting to talk. “I take it you’ve been here much longer then these prisoners. I have my respects.” said Retsu.

“Been here for more then 5 years now. I won each game thus far. Its just that Great Majin has been a pain in the-” “I think we get the point.” said Talwin cutting him off.

Retsu looked a bit more. “I know we don’t know each other but how about an alliance. If we three team up we can beat these games. More bodies to help you I guess.” Retsu explained as Aram nodded. "Its not like I have anything better to do.

Gideon was trying to get his men freed by repecting the Great Majin but Majin wouldn’t budge until he went to see the games. “How about a wager. If your 2 men win I will consider you part of my family, I get to have the girl Hoiya and not only will I set your men free but all the others that survive.” he said. Gideon nodded. “But there’s a catch?” he asked.

“They lose they die and you take their place… besides… if the crowed like them enough even in death I might reconsider my options anyways.” he said as he sat and clapped to begin the games. Many of the fighters lost and some barely survived. When it came to Aram, Retsu, Talwin and a few others they then saw it they were going to fight against 2 Monataurs.

Gideon gulped as Retsu took his stance as Aram sighed. “Well this sucks.” he said as he aimed both his arrows and with perfect aim got one in both eyes. It flailed around killing the other next to it and the guards that restrained it. “Nice shot.” said Retsu as he ran over to a stone colomn tapping his kama to get the beasts attention. It worked as it charged but Retsu realized the size of the creature getting almost gored but it ran into the the pillar crashing in pain. The battle raged on as Retsu tried to get control of the beast but it failed around and threw him off as Aram and Talwin started to kill the beast more and more.

Finally after what seemed like an eterinty Aram shooting his arrows a few more times fell the beast at last as the cheer roared loving the action that unfolded that’s also to Gideon. Nocturne on the other hand was able to slip off and look for their partner Michelle now that she had transformed into a Catfolk. He was able to find her as he bluffed his way inside to convince them that he wanted Michelle beside him. The Guards then told them her name was Houa. The named bestowed to her by the Great Majin. Upon entering he was trying to convince them of other bluff while he was trying to free her but it failed and soon he inadvertently cast a spell.

Soon there was fighting and screaming but Nocturne was able to get to Houa and lead her out but they headed to the front still to see their comrades.

The Great Majin smiled and praised them on their hard one victory as he awared them all freedom and considered them now apart of his empire, his family… on the one condition that he would have Houa for one night. The group once together discussed it and said yes and only hoped for the best.

Finally all was said and done and they were able to finally leave as they headed out and were going to try and find where their enemy went off to.

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